I have been playing sports for awhile now. The first sport I ever played was soccer. I have been playing for about five years by now. I recently have signed up for track. This is the very first time doing track. I think track is an interesting sport. There are field events and normal running events. The field event I like is long jump. The running events I mostly do is 100m and 200m. I am also do the 100m relay.

In my other post I was talking about my scooter. Well it came in the mail yesterday! I rode around with my friends and I am really glad I got it. Once I got it, the first thing I tried was doing a tail whip. I got really close, I hope I will land it soon. You check out some on the brand lucky scooters here. Another trick I want to try to land is a 360. I tried it before and I was decently close.

Something new is I am learning a new language. The language I want to learn is Latin. I think it would be cool and helpful to learn a new language. I know a couple words that I learned so far. For example, slave means hi.

One thought on “SBC6: Sports and Updates

  1. Hi Aaron,
    My first sport i also played was soccer. I loved it then I lost interest around 11 and started getting more girly and into cheerleading. I am also learning spanish for my new language in school. You should come check out my blog. http://chantela100701.edublogs.org/

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