In one of my old post I was talking about getting a new scooter. I have finally got enough money and ordered it. It should be coming soon. Over spring break I had a lot of fun. One thing we did was go to Los Angles. We went there to have fun and meet up with are grandparents and other siblings. The went to Sky Zone. We also were going to go goat cart racing but we didn’t. After that me and my friends went to the new Mountain Mikes. The place is really different from before. They have new games and it looks better. Me and my friends are going to put are tickets together and get some good prizes once we got enough. So overall I had a really fun break.

2 thoughts on “New Scooter and Spring Break WP8

  1. Hi Aaron,
    It would mean a lot if you can go visit my blog
    I hope you get your scooter soon it looks really nice. I never been to Mountain Mikes but it’s probably good. I never knew that they have games there.
    Have a great day

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