My family comes from Europe. Me and my brother are 75% Italian and my father is 100%/ My dads great grandparents immigrated to America. I do not know when they came America nor do I know why they came to America. My guess is they came to America in about the early 1900s or late 1800s. A quote from one of my parents is. “My mother and I are 100% Italian and you and your brother are 75%.”

Our family has a lot of traditions. One of the traditions is we got to our Aunt’s house on Christmas. The thing we do there is we do what other country’s do for Christmas. For example, instead of a socking we put a boot. Instead that boot is the same thing like what will get put in a socking. Another example is we got a bunch of gifts and sat in a circle. We passed around the present and whenever the music stopped the person got that present. Another tradition is every Thanksgiving we make a special type of jello.

2 thoughts on “SBC5: Culture and Family

  1. Hi Aaron,
    It’s so cool that you know so much about your family history! My great great grandmother (on my mom’s side) came from Ireland and my grandfather (on my dad’s side) came from China. So I’m Irish,Chinese,I’m a bit Scottish and I’m also french.
    Alexya Online

  2. G’day Aaron,
    Great post about family, but it was a bit difficult to read because of the image in the background. You might like to make it more transparent in your customize area.

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