You and your family are having dinner. It was just a normal day. All of a sudden you hear bombs and gunshots outside. Your family has to get prepared so you and your family turns off all the lights, cover the windows, and lock all the doors. Your dad grabs a gun and he hands your mother a knife. The sound of screaming made you scared. This was War World II. You hear a knock on your door. The knock begins to get louder and louder. They knocked down the door…

One thought on “Finish the Story!

  1. Your mother started screaming, holding the knife getting ready to attack the intruder, but before she could… she got shot. Terrified, you ran away to look for some place to hide. You suddenly hear another gun fire coming from your house. They must have already killed you father. As you were running tears kept flowing down your face. YOU ARE ALL ALONE…

    This was all I could think of ^ ^;;;
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    E L L A

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